Conference 2018

Automotive Glazing – an industry with new opportunities

The global automotive glazing market size was estimated at USD 23.05 billion in 2016. Growing demand for lightweight automobile components with superior impact resistance and corrosion protection is expected to propel growth. In addition, increasing popularity of cars designed with sunroof systems is anticipated to influence the industry on a positive note.

Product variation in terms of impact resistance, colors and weight are expected to be the key parameters influencing buyer’s decision. Initiatives taken by the players to modify glazing systems using innovative materials, which improves product stability in extreme weather conditions and imparts excellent mechanical resistance, is likely to drive industry growth.

Technological advancement pertaining to the use of new raw materials, such as polycarbonate to replace traditional glass, is expected to propel industry growth. However, high cost coupled with regulations prohibiting the use of polycarbonate in the U.S. and European countries are expected to affect the growth over the forecast period. (Source: Grand View Research)


(Source: Grand View Research)

Join the auto glass community forum for the American automotive glazing industry!

Take part in the annual get-together of key player among innovations on automotive glazing and
meet experts of this field. Listen to overall solutions and latest technologies provided by OEM,
suppliers and researchers.

Your advantages:

  • Be part of the strategic and technical meeting of experts from OEMs and suppliers for the automotive glazing sector
  • Get up to date on innovations and trends
  • Benefit from a wide range of different contacts and refresh your network

Topics to discuss

  • ADAS & connectivity
  • Electrification and the impact on glazing
  • Connectivity possibilities – in/on/through the glass
  • Lightweight/Thin glazing
  • Interior
  • Design
  • Aftermarket
  • Bending