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Dear participants, dear cooperation partners,

the environment for events remains uncertain for the near future. After weighing up all interests, this event will therefore pause in 2021. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022 and to staying in contact until then!

Transformation for Next Gen Mobility

Be ready for the new opportunities of the automotive glazing market!

The development in the automotive glazing industry is moving forward very quickly and is also gaining increasing importance in a connected world. Be a step ahead of the competition – with CTI you will be prepared for new trends and future developments.


  • Regulations
  • New safety standards
  • Insurance trends
  • New requirements of OEMs
  • Windshield technology enabling ADAS
  • Smart glazing surfaces
  • Lamination
  • Light weight technology
  • New trends in polycarbonate

Good to meet other professionals and to share newest developments in the field.
H. Rakus, Volkswagen AG

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