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Enflex Corporation Taiwan is a daughter, start-up company of Entire Corporation, which is market leader in light guide technology in televisions in Asia. With a multilayer co-extrusion technology we can provide applications harder and more resistant than any other polycarbonate solution worldwide.

EnFlex Corporation Taiwan
No.12, Kung-Yeh 5th Rd. | Ping-Zhen Industrial Park | 32459 Taoyuan City |


Lumetrics provides non-contact thickness and optical inspection systems for automotive glass applications. The Lumetrics OptiGauge is a non-contact multi-layer thickness solution that can distinguish each layer of an automotive windshield. Customers use the OptiGauge for product development, to confirm optical quality, troubleshoot lamination issues, and to determine wedge angle. Lumetrics also offers the Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor capable of measuring windshield wedge in a production environment.

1565 Jefferson Rd, #420 | Rochester, New York 14623 |


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