Welcome address 2019

Dear glazing family,

Welcome to the CTI Automotive Glazing Conference 2019 in Düsseldorf. You are welcome to inform yourself about new technologies and to discuss current issues with decision makers of the industry from all over the world. This concerns in particular the development of autonomous driving and connectivity until today, 2019!

What we need to discuss and address in particular is that under the influence of a few political and social events, our inventions and developments become more and more difficult.

Autonomous driving, needs international standards to really be implemented! The legal standards have a direct influence on the level of autonomous driving that may be put on the road. Technically, much more is possible. Due to the regulations, there are many warning and assistance devices such as ACC, pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, adaptive speed limit driving, etc. In order to save time, the automotive industry has created special protected areas in which autonomous driving can be tested and optimized.

As a direct result our CTI Automotive Glazing Europe conference will also focus on connectivity. Connectivity needs antenna printing, low distortion (hud-) screens, windshield wipers for cleaned view outside, etc. to get precise information’s for AI algorithms for safe driving and nice infotainment for the driven ones.

Glazing in the car (glass and polycarbonate) is not boring, but highly functional and aesthetic connections from the passenger to the world and from the world to the passenger! In that sense, they are interactive.

I look forward to meeting you!

Wolfgang ErnerWolfgang Erner
Technology Manager Europe,
NSG Pilkington Automotive