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A few thoughts of the chairman of this conference:

The broadness of Glazing in 2017 was broken down to two focused topics: Autonomous driving and Connectivity. The first subject is rarely noticed in public as most of the people take it for granted having as much safety systems as possible at low budget. The second one, highly focused and of high interest in a connected world, is top speed growing.

Not neglectable in this context is the influence of Megacities (urbanization), where a high proportion of people lives in. Those Megacities often have totally different conditions to connectivity, which require alternative vehicle solutions (often autonomous), which distinguish from those in non-urban areas where individual transport is still pre-dominant. The 2018 conference will concentrate on those subjects in round-table sessions (hopefully as interesting and vivid as in 2017). The connection of countryside to the city (truck) and the escape out of the cities (bus) will enlarge the conference portfolio.

Before the release of autonomous driving level 3 (+), the conference subjects will contain a high proportion of radar-, camera-, lidar-, scanner-, warning-, etc. devices as content. Not only looking outside the car but inside it, bringing the driver back to focus in situations going beyond the abilities of robot-assistance. The conference will allow, that all these subjects are discussed with special transport- and truck-industry representatives as well as representatives from the repair and maintenance sector, keeping the systems alive.

The very constant co-audience of the Automotive Glazing Europe is a perfect example, showing how trends are influencing individuals and their jobs year by year.

The new location in Spain is a trial, to get new impulses from the audience. The power of Europe lies in different cultures, view angles and focuses. The conference is going to be a “melting pot” of people dealing with subjects all around the emissions of vehicles. Round-tables and plenary discussions are going to be integrated as well as more “quiet” presented opinions.

Exciting, isn`t it?
Join, let it happen!

Wolfgang Erner Gerald-Alexander Beese Leonie Harmal Şenel Çelik

Wolfgang Erner, Technology Manager Europe, NSG Pilkington Automotive
Gerald-Alexander Beese, Head of Strategic Project Management, KTI GmbH & Co. KG – German Research Institute
Leonie Harmal, Conference Director, CTI Car Training Institute
Şenel Çelik, Sales Director, CTI Car Training Institute