Topics 2018

Topics for 2018 which we would like to address:

ADAS & connectivity

  • ADAS safety systems on the way to autonomous driving: replacement, calibration, responsibilities, guarantees
  • The high development speed for professional driving: ADAS for buses, trucks and special transports – What is needed for protection, connection and noise reduction!
  • Trifocal-, stereo-, mono- cameras, tolerances and consequences
  • Influences on AGR business, calibration, injection molding, specifications and testing
  • Sensors and cameras and how they affect the requirements of the windshield (interactions with coatings/PET films, PVB types, etc.)

Electrification and the impact on glazing

  • Battery and glass

Connectivity possibilities – in/on/through the glass

  • Head-up Displays

Lightweight/Thin glazing

  • Materials, glues, glass thickness, (chemical-)hardened glass, polycarbonate update
  • Thin lightweight glazing with and without chemical hardened glass
  • Acoustic Performance


  • Compatibility of new display technologies, augmented reality with (EN) regulations


  • Switchable glazing