Dear participants, dear cooperation partners,
the environment for events remains uncertain for the near future. After weighing up all interests, this event will therefore pause in 2021. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022 and to staying in contact until then!

The conference covers several facets of agility. From getting started with a team up to business agility for an entire corporation, from “doing” to “being” agile. You will get first-hand insights from decision makers and practitioners and learn from their real-life experiences, both from OEM and Tier X suppliers.

A must for anyone using, or planning to use, Agile processes.
Good opportunity to connect with the agile community in automotive.
You’ll get some insights in the state of the art @ Agile, find a lot of interesting contacts and get some new thoughts for the topic.

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Five Ways Agile in Automotive Will Pivot in 2020

With large-scale, autonomous projects on the rise, finding ways to implement Agile Development, functional safety and cybersecurity shall rise significantly. Dogmatism is the wrong path.

Authors: Sergej Weber, Steve Tengler | Apr 03, 2020

This article was originally published in WardsAuto on Feb 12, 2020


Interview with Bernhard Bockelbrink

In an Interview, Bernhard Bockelbrink talks about Sociocracy and how the further-developed version, Sociocracy 3.0, offers specific solutions to challenges where Scrum and the scaling frameworks are too shy to take a stand.


Interview with Maria Hansson and Anna Sandberg

In an interview, Maria Hansson and Anna Sandberg (Volvo Cars) talk about the absolute necessity of business agility even in times of a cooling automotive market.


Interview with Daniel Heß and Philipp Diebold

In an interview, Daniel Heß (IAV GmbH) and Philipp Diebold (Bagilstein GmbH) what they think about blueprints in agile transitions, what patterns and anti-patterns they have identified and what the conference participants of Agile Automotive 2019 can look forward to in their presentation.


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