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15th International Conference

Exhaust Systems

CONFERENCE 31 January and 1 February 2017
CTI - Car Training Institute International ConferenceJanuary 30 to February 1, 2017, Frankfurt am Main

➜ Introductory Seminar "Basics of Exhaust Systems" 30th January 2017
➜ Conference Days 31st January until 1st February 2017

A revolutionary change to exhaust gas technology

The topic of exhaust aftertreatment has never received as much attention in the media as in the last 18 months, after the exhaust scandal that has been discussed in the media.

CO2 reduction means improved engine efficiency, which directly results in a decreasing exhaust temperature level with fatal consequences for the catalytic aftertreatment – a classic conflict of objectives posing extreme challenges for the development engineers, but also a chance for alternative solutions.

The new WLTC driving cycle will be introduced shortly. As opposed to the current NEDC, the WLTC is more oriented on real driving behaviour. At the same time, the RDE legislation (agreed upon by the end of 2015) comes into effect: it requires additional tests with Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS), aiming at exhaust gas treatment for all vehicles in almost all everyday situations. The previous practice of optimisation with regard to the driving cycle is now history and the development engineers are particularly challenged.

Exhaust aftertreatment systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and particularly off-highway applications still have to be optimised. Changing constraints pose new challenges and require improved methods or alternative solutions. International experts will present innovative technologies at the 15th International CTI Conference Exhaust Systems. Their presentations will provide the basis for decision makers and development engineers with regard to a sound selection of the respective application.

We are looking forward to discussing new important technical products with you and the speakers

CTI kindly invites you to consider presenting a technical paper at the 15th CTI Conference “Exhaust Systems” from 30th January 1st February 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.
The conference will focus on the fields of exhaust systems and aftertreatment technologies for light-duty and heavy-duty as well as maritime applications.
Please see the following topics as suggestions and feel free to propose topics of your interest as well.


  • International Emission Legislation
  • RDE Real Drive Emission
  • Challenges relating to NO2-pollution and Real Driving Emissions
  • Energy and powertrains for CO2-free mobility
  • New challenges relating to SCR and DPF
  • Innovative components
  • Sensors and testing
  • Maritim applications

discuss the topic, which preoccupies the whole industry

new ideas and approaches – shared knowledge for a wider perspective

the future at a glance – developing ideas with other experts

get involved and discuss topical issues with industry colleagues

Listen to presentations of: