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14th International Conference

Exhaust Systems

CTI - Car Training Institute International ConferenceMay 23 to 25, 2016, Frankfurt

➜ Conference Days 24 to 25 May 2016
➜ Introductory Seminar "Basics of Exhaust Systems" 23 May 2016

Focus on exhaust technology – the importance of environmental protection

Never before has the subject of exhaust gas aftertreatment enjoyed as much attention as it did last year. It became clear that environmental protection is becoming increasingly important when evaluating technical products, and that vehicle manufacturers are called upon to provide solutions. The necessity to comply with current and future harmful substance limits while continuously reducing CO2 emissions requires an interplay between in-engine measures and the aftertreatment of engine exhaust gases, which requires careful optimisation. Among other things, CO2 reduction means improving the engine's efficiency, i. e. reducing the exhaust gas enthalpy loss. The immediate result of this is a decreasing exhaust gas temperature level, which has fatal consequences for catalytic aftertreatment – a classic conflict of objectives with extreme challenges for the developers, but which also provides opportunities for alternative solutions. Test cycles that are better adapted to vehicle operation on the roads are contributing to realistic evaluation of the effectiveness of exhaust gas aftertreatment. Tests with portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) are also used for this purpose. CTI accompanied the key stages of this rapid and exciting development with its international conferences on exhaust systems. The optimisation of exhaust gas aftertreatment is far from complete in the traditional areas of application – private cars and commercial vehicles – and even less so in the off-highway sector. Changing framework conditions pose new challenges and require improved methods or alternative solutions. At the 14th International CTI Conference on Exhaust Systems, experts will provide up-to-date input and present innovative technologies, providing decision makers and developers with the basis for making well-informed choices regarding the application in question.

We are looking forward to discussing new important technical products with you and the speakers

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  • Energy and powertrains for CO2-free mobility
  • International emission legislation
  • Challenges relating to NO2-pollution and Real Driving Emissions
  • The European Commission's new simulation tool VECTO
  • Large-scale PEMS testing in Europe: A 1,000 vehicle case study
  • New challenges relating to SCR and DPF
  • Development of innovative components
  • Sensors, control and OBD
Excellent mix of basic research and system optimization.

Dr M. Weirich, Daimler AG


  • Bosch Engineering GmbH
  • BRACE Automotive
  • Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V.
  • ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co.KG
  • European Commission
  • Faurecia
  • HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH
  • IFP Energies nouvelles
  • NGK Europe GmbH
  • Emissions Analytics
  • Roben Automotive
  • Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG
  • Technical University of Kaiserslautern
  • Treibacher Industrie AG
  • Vida Fresh Air Corp.

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