International Symposium

ADFD - Automated Driving, Future Mobility and Digitalization

AUTOMATED DRIVING, FUTURE MOBILITY & DIGITALIZATION CTI - Car Training Institute SymposiumNovember 28 to 30, 2016, Hannover

Rapid progress is being made worldwide with regard to the vision of automated driving together with the forward-looking ideology of smart mobility and the mega trend of digitalization. Impressive demonstrations of automated and autonomous cars have in many respects already proven that the technology is mature, and are bringing customer-friendly functions such as valet parking and piloted highway driving within reach. At the component level, the performance of the actuators and sensors is continuing to develop; with regard to information technologies, data communication between vehicles and infrastructure combined with high-precision digital maps is paving the way for serial applications in complex environments. Worldwide, driverless cars are expected to achieve commercial viability by 2025.