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8th International CTI Conference

Automotive Glazing

Innovations, Safety, Challenges CTI - Car Training Institute ConferenceSeptember 29 and 30, 2014, Berlin


a2-solar draws back on more than 25 years of experience in the "Solar Automotive Business" (from the Audi A8's 40W solar sun roof in early 1990 to the Fisker KARMA 120W solar roof in 2011/ 2012. Our "swimming encapsulation of high-efficiency solar cells" allows for a wide variety of spherical solar modules for all kind of vehicle surfaces (cars, trucks, busses, boats). Single glass or laminated safety glasses are our state-of-the-art solutions – even up to 3m². Also for building integrations, a2-solar offers all kinds of distinctive solar modules and systems.

a2-solar Advanced and Automotive Solar Systems GmbH
Am Urbicher Kreuz 18
99099 Erfurt

Antaya is a global supplier of pre-soldered, pre-fluxed connectors and controlled soldering equipment for the automotive glass industry. Connectors are supplied with both leaded and lead-free solder. Antaya Technologies has the only drop-in leadfree soldering solution for the automotive glass industry proven to meet global automotive standards including SAE USCAR 40 and AK 2.1 (ACEA standard). Over 10 million lead free connectors have been installed in vehicles worldwide since 1998.

Antaya Technologies
72 Fenner St. | 02910/Cranston RI | USA

MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optical test equipment. MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL will present the Secondary Image Angle Measuring Instrument for the testing of windshields. Amongst others MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL also offers visual and electronic autocollimators for e.g. wedge angle measurement, collimators, telescopes and interferometers.

Rosengarten 10
22880 Wedel

SABIC offers one of the broadest portfolios of thermoplastic materials for use in automotive applications. A leader in polycarbonate glazing solutions, SABIC is the only supplier today with advanced plasma coat technology, which delivers the weathering and abrasion performance to ensure durable glazing over the life of a vehicle.

Plasticlaan 1, PO Box 117 | 4600 AC Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

Sekisui is a leading worldwide company with over 40 years of experience in glass interlayer technology. Our success is based on delivering the 3 S's - Service, Speed and product Superiority. This is made possible by our excellent production facilities, technical support teams and a network that enables us to meet all our customers' needs.

Sekisui S-Lec BV
Metaalweg 5 | 6045 JB Roermond, Netherlands

Sponsoring and exhibitions

The conference will give you an opportunity to present your company, products and services to an exclusive gathering of potential clients. For further information on sponsoring/exhibition opportunities and target groups please contact:

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