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12th International CTI Conference

Automotive Diagnostic Systems

Europeans first and biggest meeting point for diagnostic experts CTI - Car Training Institute ConferenceMarch 24 and 25, 2015, Stuttgart


Training will be in German!


23 March 2015 at University of Applied Sciences Esslingen
Start: 9.30 a.m. / End 5 p.m.

Chairman: Prof. Dr Norbert Schreier

Practical introduction to car diagnostics

  • Car diagnostics – how does it work at a car repair shop?
  • What functions do OBD and vehicle self diagnostics include?
  • What computer based diagnostic functions does the external diagnosis offer?
  • How does guided troubleshooting work?
  • What is the state of the art in car diagnostics?
  • What are the latest developments in diagnostics technology?
  • Can diagnostics be used in other areas of the automotive industry?

Practical application:
Demonstration of all basic diagnostic functions using a selected workshop diagnostics system on a latest car model and application

  • Identification of vehicle and control unit readout and delete fault memory, actual values
  • Switch inputs, actuators
  • Tests, coding
  • Adjustment, maintenance
  • Repair, programming etc.

Practical troubleshooting on cars


24 March 2015, Day one: Start: 9 a.m. / End: 5.30 p.m. / Evening event: 6 p.m.
Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, Snacks and Lunch will be provided

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Welcome address and introduction by CTI and the chairman Prof. Dr Norbert Schreier

Chairman: Prof. Dr Norbert Schreier

Development of market driven service diagnosis solutions and their diagnosis roll-out in BRIC states

  • How to handle errors of complex systems in the emerging markets (with less system know-how)?
  • GTS platforms for powertrain
  • All-in-one solutions (platform development, handbook, integration into Grade-X, ODX-Toolchain)
  • Market driven – builder model

Udo Kalbfell, Project Leader OES Diagnsotic Solutions for BRIC-States, Robert Bosch GmbH

Diagnosis – the challenge in cooperation between OEMs

  • Diagnostic is not plug and play
  • Introduction of different cooperation models
  • Diagnostic is not only integration in after sales tester
  • Differencies in OEM specific standards have to be handled in engineering, production and after sales
  • ISO, AUTOSAR and ASAM standards are a good basis for cooperation – but it is not all
  • Diagnostic in 2020 – the challenges for cooperations

Simon Stimmler, Manager Cooperations Diagnostics& Reprogramming, Daimler AG

New opportunities using "advanced analytics" and "big data" with vehicle data

  • The secrets behind "advanced analytics" and "big data"
  • Contributions for the entire process chain from development to after sales
  • Practical examples and lessons learned

Dr Johann Prenninger, Head of Field Data Analysis, BMW Group

Questions and discussion with the speakers

Networking break in the exhibition

Why we need a harmonized interface between vehicles and the cloud

  • Definition of a cloud interface (basic tasks, suggested configuration for vehicles)?
  • Applicable standards, requirements for additional standardization
  • Vehicle interaction with the cloud
  • Supporting end-2-end-diagnostics
  • Chances & risks

Dr Roman Cunis, Senior Consultant Diagnostics, ServiceXpert GmbH &
Matthias Weber, Senior Manager Global System Integration, Continental Engineering Services GmbH

Connected and augmented – the technician of the future

  • Enabling workshop technicians to be more effective in diagnostic and repair procedures from near or far
  • Guide and inform the technician to secure process reliability
  • Diagnostics of the future combined with the knowledge of experts

Phil Hornby, Technical Specialist Diagnostics and Services, Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd.

Questions and discussion with the speakers

Networking lunch in the exhibition

Interactive remote diagnostics for vehicles worldwide – chances and challenges
Ralf Abramowitsch, Senior Software Development Engineer, Vector Informatik GmbH

Modular car concept for combustion and electric drivetrain – data acquisition for diagnosis and performance
Michael Biggel, Development Manager Mechanical Systems, University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

Questions and discussion with the speakers

Networking break in the exhibition

Driving for change with OTX as an enabler

  • Diagnostic challenges for an OEM service organisation
  • Application of OTX in the end-end diagnostic and repair lifecycle
  • Beyond OTX

Philip Ward, Manager Diagnostics & Service Products, Ford of Europe

Leading change: principles of a diagnostic renewal projects

  • Changes beyond ODX
  • How to connect vehicle- and diagnostic development
  • Rollout and the big bang theory

Marcel Wendland, Head of R&D, AVL DiTEST

Questions and discussion with the speakers

End of the first conference day

CTI invites you to a dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Here you will get the opportunity to deepen your conversation and to network.


25 March 2015, Day two: Start: 9 a.m. / End: 3.00 p.m.
Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, Snacks and Lunch will be provided

Flashing over the air – case study and outlook
Guido Rulhof,
Group Leader, Bosch Automotive Service Solution GmbH

Challenges in cooperative analytics of diagnostic data - Beyond the OEM data

  • Collecting diagnostic data across the supply chain
  • More input: multiple sources within the product life cycle
  • Adding value by integrating all available data sources
  • The Challenges: data ownership, quality, modeling, integration, and more
  • Tackling the challenges: PRO-Opt, a research project funded by the German Ministry of Economics

Dr Simon Becker, Product Portfolio Manager, DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Guided troubleshooting efficiently streamlined – an automotive diagnostic reality based on ODX/OTX

  • Simplifying complex diagnostic processes covering high quality expert knowledge mixed with feedback from the field by a central knowledge base
  • Knowledge platform to unify diagnostic processes, treatment instructions, spare parts and tools around the globe, for all service shops
  • OEM case study presenting automotive diagnostics excellence with a new innovative information tool chain
  • Latest technology for an integrated editorial and runtime tester, supporting standards like ODX/OTX and EURO-5/RMI

Eddie Mönch, Senior Sales Manager, Empolis Information Management GmbH

Questions and discussion with the speakers

Networking break in exhibition

Round Table Session
Join in the discussions at hosted theme-tables. Write, draw or sketch your thoughts and ideas. Switch between theme-tables – take your ideas forward.

Networking lunch in the exhibition

OTX is growing up – news from the standardization

  • New OTX extensions
  • OTX as an integrator for test tasks in the field of MCD
  • Calibration sequence language – CSL
  • Open test language – OTL

Dr Jörg Supke, General Manager, EMOTIVE GmbH & Co. KG

Three clicks and the script is running: Programming concepts for creating diagnostic procedures using OTX with particular regard to changing user requirements

  • The OTX dilemma: Flexibility versus usability
  • Diagnostic tasks along the development process in engineering, manufacturing and aftersales
  • Typical roles implying different knowhow and approaches of diagnostic experts when using OTX
  • Putting it all together: Programming concepts to address the wide range of OTX users

Matthias Meyer, Product Manager, Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH

Questions and discussion with the speakers

End of the conference "Automotive Diagnostic Systems"