2nd International Conference

Augmented Reality in the Industry

CTI - Car Training Institute ConferenceNovember 28 and 29, 2016, Berlin


Monday | 28 November 2016

Prof. Gerrit Meixner,
Director at Usability and Interaction Technology Laboratory (UniTyLab), Heilbronn University

Business reception – Registration

Welcome address by Car Training Institute and opening by the chairman

The truth about augmented reality in the industry

  • Why AR isn't the holy grail
  • What technology providers don't tell you

Martin Hengstmann, Manager Business Development, iTiZZiMO AG

Emotional AR

  • Innovative ways in AR & VR to tell compelling product stories
  • How AR can be used to reach new audiences that amplify to brands
  • A look at creating an emotional customer response to products, even if they aren’t yet in market

Simon Levitt, Ford Global Technology Director, Imagination

Discussio n with the speakers

Networking break

Challenges of augmented reality for driving experience

  • Augmented Reality in vehicle driving experience
  • Relevant use-cases for AR in vehicle
  • Challenges for implementing AR in vehicle

Patrick Nebout, Head of Advanced Technology Development, Visteon

Connected vision: smart glasses and augmented reality in industrial/automotive IoT ecosystems

  • Exit Google glass/enter HoloLens: smart glasses in 2016 – present and future
  • Hands free: smart glasses and AR solutions in industry and automotive
  • Connecting to the IoT ecosystem: AR platforms and solutions incorporating live data

Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO, RE’FLEKT GmbH

Discussion with the speakers

Networking lunch


Join in the discussions at hosted theme-tables.
Write, draw or sketch your thoughts and ideas.
Switch between theme-tables – take your ideas forward!

INTERACTIVE +++ get involved and discuss topical issues with industry colleagues

CREATIVE +++ new ideas and approaches – shared knowledge for a wider perspective

INNOVATIVE +++ the future at a glance – developing ideas with other experts

Presenting the results of the table discussion in front of the plenary session

Networking break

Augmented reality at Bosch

  • What are the drivers to implement AR at all
  • Examples how AR is applied for internal and external products
  • Technology used for those AR solutions
  • How does the future of AR look like ?

Jürgen Lumera, Director Global TIS Product Management and Innovation, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Adding value to the value chain
Gerben Harmsen,
CEO and Founder, TWNKLS

How to give your technicians “super power”

  • Enabling more effective diagnostic and repair procedures whilst securing process reliability
  • Empowering, not enslaving the technician
  • Ensuring scalable delivery to and in the workshop

Dominik Wrede, Product Manager, Continental Automotive

Discussion with the speakers

End of the first conference day

Get together
At the end of the first conference day CTI invites you to take the opportunity to expand and strengthen your network in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with foods and drinks.

Tuesday | 29 November 2016

Self-learning augmented reality system

  • Fast content generation through demonstrating
  • Documentation of workflows
  • Active user feedback

Prof. Didier Stricker, Scientific Director and Head of Augmented Vision, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI)

Increasing industrial performance with AR

  • How to deploy AR from informations systems to the shop floor
  • How to use AR to improve industrial processes
  • Examples of how AR is used in the automotive industry

Dr Sebastian Knödel, Director of Research and Development, Diota - Augmenting Industries

Discussion with the speakers

Networking break

Painting the largest canvas of the world

  • Projective AR in shipbuilding
  • Combination of measurement technology and augmented reality
  • Industry 4.0 in practice

Dr Björn Schwerdtfeger, CEO, www.AugmentedRealityExperts.de and
André Schreiber, MEYER WERFT GmbH & Co. KG

The use of augmented reality and virtual reality at exhibition & events

  • Show how Scania has used augmented reality and VR at exhibition & events
  • Describe workflow from CAD data to finished AR/VR application
  • Challenges in using this technology – advantages and disadvantages
  • Future use of augmented reality – what is lacking now and what can be improved?

Peter Kärrlander, Head of Event & Exhibiton, Scania CV AB

Discussion with the speakers

Networking Lunch

Auto AR – panoramic augmented reality with building information modeling data

  • Building information modeling (BIM) is a construction process based on the idea of working with shared digital models
  • Amongst other things, BIM provides high quality geometry data about a planned building which can be used for visualizations
  • We present Auto AR, a mobile system for real-time presentation and capturing of high-quality panoramic augmented reality
  • Auto AR has been used to visualize the central BIM reference object of Volkswagen Financial Services AG in Braunschweig, Germany

Dr Leif Oppermann, Head of Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions, Fraunhofer FIT

The future of smart glasses

  • Why Google Glass did fail
  • Industrial use cases for smart glasses (and wearable displays)
  • Display technologies (optional)
  • Vision for consumer adoption

Kayvan Mirza, CEO, Optinvent

Discussion with speakers and closing remarks

End of the conference